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Stage I

Initial Market Penetration

Stage II

Go-to-market Strategy & Implementation

Stage III

Communications consultancy & support

How much do you know about?

Customer Focus: Will the product sell well in the target culture? Is the target market familiar with my product or service? Am I prepared to invest time and money in consumer education?

Business Culture: Do I feel comfortable in the target culture? Do I know how to set prices, negotiate deals? Do I know enough of legal nuances and differences that can create a challenge outside my home environment?

Finance Issues: Can I get financial support? What are the regulations for payments, shipping or packaging?

Communication Issues: How to effectively communicate the vision and the offering to my potential clients?



International business is not simply an expansion of your domestic operations beyond your home country but more like a different business with different needs and requirements than you have known before. Different approaches to meetings, negotiating, building trust and closing a sale may all impact your success.



  • Business planning
  • Facilitating and developing contacts
  • Market research
  • Market visits, promotion and publicity
  • Advice during negotiations
  • Staff training and coaching
  • Support in setting up your overseas operations
  • Expertise on a wide range of intellectual property issues including registering your trademark or designs in the UK
  • Advice on regulatory and competition law issues
  • Interim management sourcing
  • marketing video production




Investing in a local consultant who knows how to avoid pitfalls might not be cheap but in comparison to the costs of failed attempts and missed opportunities, might be worth considered a crucial investment that leads to success.


You will better understand clients' needs, terms of transactions, the real cost of doing business in the UK. You will understand the local practices and culture, and most importantly, you will have the connections established to make the most of the opportunity ahead.



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We will provide a FREE initial phone/Skype consultation. Our recommended plan will advise on the best way to introduce your products or services to the new market.




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