Bolster Your Tech Business Courage

There are many articles about tech businesses on the web that use the word ‘resilience’.

One word you don’t hear nearly as often is courage.

Many businesses have gone to ground, cutting as many costs as possible and trying to protect their overheads, locking up budgets and hampering the regrowth of the economy without meaning to.

Sound familiar? 

21 Sept. 2020  \\ Growth                           Author: Alexander Boast

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Well we’ve got news for you; the time for proactively growing your business is now, not tomorrow or yesterday.

The solution out of this mess is simple: we build. No amount of Government handouts or rainy day funds can prevent the slow but inevitable decline that results from business inertia.

Action is the only thing that can return us to growth and very few businesses – even those in the modern and agile tech sector – are taking it.

Unfortunately, those who do not adapt will disappear.

It’s not all doom and gloom though: we know that the Tech sector has enormous potential. There are great products and services out there, solving real problems, but unable to scale because:

  • Reduced marketing budgets
  • Lack of experience 
  • Lack of resilience 
  • Lack of adaptability 
  • Focus on existing clients 
  • Lack of focus on business growth

What if we told you that having courage right now, today, would bestow you an enormous competitive advantage?

What if we told you that intelligent investment instead of locking up your funds could see your business grow beyond where it was pre-pandemic?

There are a few businesses from the UK that should inspire hope and confidence – one need only take a look at the finalists of the National Business Awards, of which our Associate consultant Alex Boast was judge in the AI category to find such inspiration.

Those businesses on the finalists list have managed to demonstrate that courage which we believe is vital to adapting and thriving next year and beyond: whether you need to fundamentally pivot your business or not one fact remains the same; the world has changed.

If your sales teams have started to take on more account-management type roles as part of the shift, that’s actually the opposite of they should be doing.

Many businesses are reliant on one or two big clients – if those clients go bust, which they might, that’s going to cause a lot of pain.

The time is ripe to diversify your income streams by winning new business and we believe strongly that firms, especially smaller ones should be focussing on this.

To that end, we’ve designed a specialist offering in the Post-Pandemic Business Recovery Accelerator, to help those businesses who want to grow and need to grow but aren’t sure how.

It is an affordable solution based on our commitment to helping the UK economy – and the people and businesses in it – recover.

You can find out more information, here. 

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