24 August 2020  

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Pic. Chasyr

Chasyr: A new direction for delivery 

Chasyr, an on-demand delivery by everyone, is soon to launch in the US and UK. We got in touch with their CEO and Co-Founder, Tommy Marquez, to find out about this exciting new direction for consumer delivery options. 

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Opensolutions-London: What are the origins of the idea behind Chasyr’s new direction towards delivery?

Tommy from Chasyr: Whenever I was out getting food for myself after driving a few hours of rideshare, I would always text my roommates to see if they wanted anything. Since I lived in a house with 5 other entrepreneurs without vehicles, I did this pretty often. No matter how easy we made the process, it was always a hassle. So Chasyr was born and became the solution. 

Opensolutions-London: What challenges the delivery industry/retailers are facing that Chasyr is addressing? 

Tommy from Chasyr: Chasyr is creating a whole new way to order food. 

Opensolutions-London: What’s in it for the vendors? Who is Chasyr focusing on, is it the big chains or small independents? 

Tommy from Chasyr:  Chasyr has always been a community-driven company with the goal to empower its users, especially ones who intend to use it in an entrepreneurial way. 

We won’t turn away big food chains if they want to be on the Chasyr Network, but it is our goal to support local and give them the tools needed to interact with current & potential customers within our network.

Opensolutions-London: Could we say that in a way, Chasyr has the potential to help save the local high street retail? 

Tommy from Chasyr:  Since my first experience in a pick-up area for a retail store, I could see that the future of retail, and groceries would be foot-traffic-free eventually. Just buildings with supplies and employees who shop for customers then meet them at their vehicles out front. Stores that don’t want to build or buy tech to do this could just use Chasyr as a vendor and add all of their customers to their vendor circle. It provides them with an alternative channel to reach customers. The way the high street will change is when retail outlets change the in-shop customer experience! 

Opensolutions-London: How does the community element impact the local business? Is it all about the lower delivery rates for customers or is there anything more to what Chasyr is offering?

Tommy from Chasyr: If a city full of active Chasyrs was created organically, there would be no need for any other food delivery apps. This won’t happen right away, but it creates the possibility of a low-fee gig economy that keeps money in the community instead of making corporations and shareholders richer.

Opensolutions-London: In what ways does Chasyr encourage local vendors to deliver better service/customer experience? 

Tommy from Chasyr:  Vendors who aren’t in our network won’t know if a Chasyr is ordering, but will still get the benefits of having more large transactions and less foot traffic within their businesses. Vendors who are in our network as a member will utilize the vendor dashboard to advertise menus, send out updates, and other cool things that will probably all make them want to provide better service overall. Plus, we won’t be taking 30% of their profits like other delivery services to do. That’s the real selling point. 

Opensolutions-London: How/when can vendors join the community?

Tommy from Chasyr: Even though we won’t be releasing any vendor features in our MVP, it is better to sign up now as a vendor so that we are able to test our vendor dashboard when we begin building it in 2021.

We want to free you from high vendor fees, so joining us now is important. www.chasyr.com/vendors


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