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Understanding of cultural diversity is the key to effective cross-cultural communication and essential to overseas business success.


The training will help you become a highly effective communicator and gain the understanding of how culture impacts communication and work habits. You will learn how to handle international business situations, avoid and manage breakdowns caused by cultural gaps with style and success.

You will learn and practice to:

  • Understand the impact of culture
  • Understand low vs high context cultures
  • Recognise the areas of cultural misunderstanding
  • Prepare for meetings and negotiations
  • Build and nourish relations
  • Understand international business etiquette


You will learn and practice to:

  • Build cross-cultural awareness
  • Understand behaviours and expectations in a cultural context
  • Lead with a global mindset
  • Excel in global, multicultural, and virtual teamwork
  • Work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Hear of what is said instead of what is not said
  • Travel or relocate globally with confidence


With the world getting smaller than ever before you are likely to be working with someone who grew up halfway around the world. The business advantages of having multicultural team are apparent, however, depending on how well you understand and approach diversity, can either cause a bond to form or introduce a gap.

Companies that make multicultural understanding and communication a priority are more likely to have well working teams, fewer conflicts, and motivated employees who are inspired to help reach business objectives. The training introduces to the concept of cultural intelligence and offers practical advice for understanding cultural diversity.



Managing Multicultural Teams

Cross-cultural Communication

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A lack of cultural awareness and knowledge will limit a company's ability to grow.

Contact us to change it.

Majority of our clients prefer bespoke solutions, however, our 'flying faculty' can visit your company and provide in-house 2 or 3 day programme.

Whether you work with diverse people around the globe or in the same office, you need to develop cultural awareness to succeed in a multicultural environment.




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