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Witsy: AI-Enhanced Sales

Witsy is a Data & AI company which has developed a Sales enablement platform.

The platform provides on-going intelligence on global organisations, for B2B sales prospecting. Uses AI to present personality traits of key decision-makers, generate conversation recommendations and provide verified contact details. Helping B2B businesses to identify, research, connect and engage with qualified prospects and key decision-makers. Every feature built to significantly reduce or automate as many processes in a typical B2B sales cycle as possible. Leaving salespeople with more time to meaningfully engage with qualified leads, resulting in significantly better conversion rates and closures.

We got in touch with their CEO and Co-Founder, Jaisekhar Kothandaraman, to find out more about the solution and the journey so far. 

14 September 2020  

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JK: The key features are: 

Prospecting and Research:

  • 10 Mn + company database increasing to 20 Mn by the end of this year 
  • Multiple search criteria to narrow down on qualified prospects 
  • 360-degree view of prospects including revenue, tech spends, stock prices, jobs openings, employee growth, social media update and news, technologies used and competitors.
  • Follow and get daily updates and sales triggers delivered on every prospect.

Connection and Engagement:

  • Understand personality insights of key decision-makers. 
  • Get tailored conversation recommendations.
  • Generate verified email IDs under GDPR


  • Share content and track engagement with actionable insights generated in real-time
  • Manage deal flow stages
  • Team performance dashboard

Opensolutions-London: Does Witsy address any challenges the industry is facing now? 

JK: Yes definitely. COVID has completely changed the business landscape across industry sectors. While some industries have been more than adversely affected, there are growing opportunities elsewhere. It is important for sales teams to be aware and ready to capitalise on where the opportunities are. And to be ready, they need real actionable intelligence and right tools and that’s Witsy.

Opensolutions-London: Could we say that in a way, it has the potential to help business owners get out of the post-pandemic situation stronger? 

JK: Absolutely, if salespeople and business owners are notified of opportunities as they become available and they have tools to connect and meaningfully engage with key decision-makers at a personal level, whilst working remotely. It will open ever more sales opportunities, also optimise and accelerate the overall sales process at their end. It’s also worth adding that traditionally intelligence and AI could only be afforded by large enterprises. Witsy, however, aims to democratise and bring intelligence and AI to SMEs and individual proprietors.

Opensolutions-London: What are the future plans?

JK: We will continue to build on the foundation we have already laid. Increase the number of Data points like the No. of enterprises from 20Mn and upwards taking it to a much higher number and more specific to countries. Accelerate and automate the process further which is our USP. Build more Data points for our customers and make it extremely easy to use with amazing UI effects. We plan to expand geographically to countries like US & Parts of Europe as immediate next level plans and of course most importantly, the Witsy team. 

Opensolutions-London: Thank you.

If you want to learn more about Witsy or arrange a demo, please contact the team.

Opensolutions-London: What are the origins of the idea behind Witsy?

JK: Well, I have spent 23 years of my life doing sales B2B, B2C& B2B2C in various roles, last being the Country Head of Western Union for South Asia. I have personally watched my teams’ spending over 50% of their time prospecting and researching new clients, thereafter spending time in building personality traits and engagement models for the key stakeholders they were to engage with. Not to forget the manual tracking and monitoring of the overall sales process. In summary, the ROIs on sales teams were hugely diminished owing to productivity losses across the entire sales cycle. So, given the opportunity, I wanted to build a solution which significantly reduces the time and cost spent on every stage of the sales process.

Opensolutions-London: Can you tell us about your startup journey so far?

JK: Oh, what a journey it has been!!! From being a professional to starting something of your own is a huge transition and of course a steep learning process. Apart from being extremely proud to launch the platform which itself is a big high for me. We have been picked up as one of the most promising Data & AI start-ups by one of the largest accelerators in Europe - Wayra, for their 2020 Cohort. Also getting an investment from Telefonica - Spain based telecom Giant is one of the big moments for us. Another proud moment was to sign up as a Co-Innovation partner with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) the second-largest IT services organisation globally. And the last but not the least was to get our First customer after the launch, nothing can beat that excitement.

Opensolutions-London: The startup journey can often be uphill. What were the biggest challenges so far and how did you overcome them? Would you have any tips for startup founders developing their products who can find themselves in a similar situation?

JK: Oh yes, there have been lots of ups & downs. The toughest was the mental ability to adjust to an environment where there is no fixed office time. Working vague hours and also a sudden shift from a hefty monthly salary to nothing (in fact you are investing). But all this was part of the process. I think for us the biggest obstacle was the Coronavirus pandemic which did put us in a complete tizzy. We had just started getting our clients and revenues when this pandemic happened. But I think my business partners who are also the COO (Vibhuti) & CTO( Ankur) and I were very quick and almost overnight pivoted to build this sales enablement platform utilising all the IP that we’d previously built. I think being agile and having the ability to adapt to unforeseen situations & circumstances is a must. Not clinging on to initial ideas but pivoting to more suitable and relevant prospects is always seen as a big positive by external stakeholders. 

My advice to new start-ups is never complacent and take it easy. Always have back up plans for short & mid-term situations. Be passionate about your concept and also test your product-market fit at a very early stage.

Opensolutions-London: From a buzzword to strategic investment, sales enablement has been growing in importance. Over 75% of companies which use sales enablement tools are experiencing an increase in sales, and around 40% are recording a growth of even 25%.
The rise of artificial intelligence has resulted in a wide range of new products available. How is your solution different?

JK: Sales Enablement is a very broad term as there are multiple stages involved in this process. There are multiple tools in this broad spectrum and each one of them covers individual aspects of the overall process. This is where we differentiate from the rest, bringing all the elements of sales enablement in one platform. That’s how we bring value to our customers by bringing down the cost and time they otherwise spend on multiple tools. To navigate through the various stages of sales enablement which going forward can be done on one single platform, Witsy

Opensolutions-London: Salesforce reports, 58% of pipeline stalls because reps are unable to add value. What are the key features that Witsy provides that will contribute to successful prospecting and closing sales?

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